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More than your average ingredient provider. We offer innovative products and solutions based on advanced patented material technologies for the cosmetics and sports industries. Learn about the science behind the award-winning material Upsalite® a mesoporous magnesium carbonate, and how Disruptive Materials works with brands to pave the road to disrupt consumer markets.

The Science Behind

Upsalite®, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate

Stay ahead of the curve with ingredient branding and value-added services - meet Upsalite, a patented porous material with numerous opportunities in cosmetics and sports. Upsalite supports superior product performance substantiated by scientifically proven claims.

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Reimagine the beauty industry. Unique product concepts for a visible difference.



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Prowder – Swedish Beauty Awards 2020 Winner

Prowder by Palina Skinphilosophy, the first cosmetic product containing the next-generation cosmetic ingredient Upsalite®a mesoporous magnesium carbonate won the award for "Swedish Product of The Year" at the Swedish Beauty Awards 2020.

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Black Diamond chalk series - in stores now!

The family of engineered climbing chalk is growing! Liquid Black Gold, Black Gold, and Pure Gold can now be found in stores around the world.

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Professor Maria Strømme

"As long as humanity has existed, we have used materials for their natural abilities. Today, we can adapt those materials to fit our specific needs, utilizing nanotechnology to alter a materials structure for a desired outcome. With the Upsalite®technology and its extraordinarily high surface area, porous and particular structure and superior adsorption capabilities, the opportunities are endless spanning from medicine to cosmetics."

- Prof Maria Strømme, Uppsala University, Uppsala Sweden