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Disruptive Materials patented material Upsalite®, a mesoporous magnesium carbonate, that enables numerous innovative opportunities in cosmetic formulations and sports products for superior performance.

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The Science Behind

Consumers are getting more interested in knowing that the products they use contain ingredients that are both effective and proven to be kind to both body and planet. That’s why we have developed The Science Behind, an extensive library of scientific data and claim substantiation, to help our partners be at the forefront of ingredient branding.

Upsalite® - Tiny pores for great ideas

Upsalite®is a mesoporous magnesium carbonate with a narrow pore size distribution, and an extraordinary high surface area as compared to other earth metal carbonates.

Cosmetic Grade Upsalite is specifically created for use as an ingredient in cosmetic formulations, such as color cosmetics, hair care, skin care and personal care products. Scientific studies show that Upsalite has excellent oil absorption and setting properties and give no flashback effect. Upsalite supports longer lasting color cosmetic products with superior shine control for all occasions.

Sports Grade Upsalite for sports offer excellent moisture uptake and odor capture, and also has a bacteriostatic effect. This makes it a great choice to improve sports performance products.

The potential applications of Upsalite in cosmetics and sports industries are continuously explored within our R&D team, to meet customer demands and emerging trends.

Upsalite®is a material containing no products, bi-products or derivates of animal origin, and can be used in vegan cosmetic products.

Ingredient branding - the Disruptive Way

Along with Upsalite comes an exclusive ingredient branding concept – we call it The Science Behind.

By partnering with Disruptive Materials you get access to the scientifically proven and patented material Upsalite, along with:
• Unique and substantiated claims of Upsalite performance and an inspiring background story of the “impossible” material that can be used in marketing to differentiate your product/s
• Sales and promotional support to create market success
• Educational material to train your team and support your sales team
• Technical expertise to support you and your producer with formulation guidance and concepts development (cosmetics) or full-service product development (sports)

By offering you our patented material Upsalite and The Science Behind, we hope to turn our collaborative project into a market success, that will attract new customers and retain existing ones.


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