Annual stockholders meeting May 15th 2019

Aktieägarna i Disruptive Materials AB (publ), 556934-1224 (”Bolaget”) kallas härmed till årsstämma onsdagen den 15 maj 2019 kl. 13.00 i Bolagets lokaler på Dag Hammarskjölds Väg 54 B, Uppsala. Stockholders of Disruptive Materials AB (publ), 556934-1224 (”company”) are hereby invited to the annual meeting Wednesday May 15th 13.00 in the company offices at Dag Hammarskjölds Väg 54 B, Uppsala.

Disruptive Materials takes on the Hojometern 2019 Challenge!

The challenge entails using a bicycle as much as possible during 23rd of...

Disruptive Materials participates in local health and environmental efforts

Disruptive materials is a bicycle friendly office where the majority of employees, including the CEO, uses a bicycle to and from work on a daily basis.

Disruptive Materials part of 2018 Venture Cup Jury

The competition for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow!

Kallelse till Årsstämma i Disruptive Materials AB (PUBL)

Aktieägarna i Disruptive Materials AB (publ), 556934-1224 (”Bolag...

Pure Gold – a concentrated form of Upsalite – was awarded best new and innovative climbing accessory 2018 at the worlds largest sports exhibit ISPO

Disruptive Materials have through a partnership agreement with Black Dia...

TEDx talk on Upsalite® at Uppsala University

Sara Ångström Frykstrand gave a TEDx talk on Upsalite®from discovery of ...

2017 Nordic Nanotech Company of the Year

On Sept 26th 2017, Disruptive Materials was awarded Nordic Nanotech Comp...

Disruptive Materials was awarded the Bona Postulata Award

Prosperous Future predicted

Listen to Maria Strømme’s own program at Swedish radio – Sommarpratarna

Upsalite® the future possibilities

Disruptive Materials is again one of Sweden’s 33 hottest hightech companies

Also named The Diamond Company

The Prime Minister of Sweden, Mr Stefan Löfven, visited Disruptive Materials

National Innovation Council

Winner of Venture Cup East

Award for start-ups

Upsalite® – Sweden’s 2nd best invention 2014

SKAPA award

Winner of Venture Cup Sweden 2014

The biggest startup competition in Sweden

Disruptive Materials winner of the cleantech award at StingDay 2014

International jury and audience all voted for Disruptive Materials

Disruptive Materials is one of Sweden’s 33 hottest hightech companies

Disruptive Materials was awarded a place on the list of the 33 hottest hightech companies in Sweden during 2014

Finalist in Nordic Cleantech Open

The biggest cleantech competition in the Nordics

Upsalite® highlighted by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)

Annual address about progress in research and technology

Johan Gomez de la Torre gives a TEDx talk about Upsalite® in Munich

Upsalite®on youtube

Upsalite® in Huffington Post Live

Live interview about Upsalite®

Enormous interest in Upsalite® and Disruptive Materials

Read some of the articles

Press releases are sent out from Uppsala University and Disruptive Materials

Impossible material created in Uppsala, Sweden

Upsalite® is presented for the world

Via an article in PLOS ONE Journal

Co-founder Sara Frykstrand receives innovation award

Award for her and her team’s discovery of Upsalite®

Upsalite in Cosmetic News

Interview with Maria Strømme about the enormous potential and development plans Disruptive Materials have within Cosmetics. Read the full article here. (SWEDISH)

Interview with Mattias Karls (Swedish)

Mattias Karls interviewed by Stuns Podden

News update on the progress of Disruptive Materials (SWEDISH)

Recently UNT did a follow up interview with CEO Mattias Karls to get up ...

Upsalite® inhibits growth of bacteria

Den bakteriostatiska effekten som nyligen har upptäckts är mycket intressant för många tillämpningar, inte minst eftersom det innebär att man kan hämma bakterietillväxten utan att använda penicillin, säger professor Maria Strømme, en av författarna bakom studien.

Material from Uppsala looks promising for use in drugs (Swedish)

Uppsalamaterial lovande i läkemedel

New approach to drug development with Upsalite

Schematic representation of the mechanism and energy input (e.g. temperature or stirring) dependence related to the pore formation of the mesoporous material.

First in-vivo biocompatibility study of Upsalite® is published!

Evaluations of Upsalite®are presented

Upsalite® can control drug release rate

Published today in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Upsalite® as a solubility improver for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

Upsalite®has proven great potential