Materials Platform

Disruptive Materials currently has one materials technology platform based on the patented materials Upsalite®

Upsalite®Materials technology Platform (MTP) - A unique and patented platform enabling endless possibilities

Upsalite®is an amorphous, mesoporous magnesium carbonate with a narrow pore size distribution, and an extraordinary high surface area as compared to other earth metal carbonates. Upsalite has been scientifically proven in over 15 peer reviewed publications, ranging from medicine to cosmetics.

With Upsalite®MTP, Small Pores equal Large Opportunities

Upsalite®MTP can be custom tailored enabling endless possibilities including adsorption of moisture, lipids, odor and release of active ingredients.


The Upsalite®MTP is Expanding with Selected Partners

The Upsalite MTP is under continuous development to assess potential applications within current areas as well as exploring new opportunities. At present we have established a joint venture company in Asia and are working with European and North American industrial and academic partners.