We Develop and Create Premium Products for Cosmetic Needs

Upsalite®for State of the Art Cosmetic products

Disruptive Materials is working with state of the art formulations based on Upsalite® for Make-up, Hair Care and Skin Care with active ingredients.

Upsalite®Disrupt the Cosmetic Market

Upsalite®is an amorphous porous magnesium carbonate that enables endless possibilities including adsorption of moisture, lipids, odor and release of active ingredients.

Material Platform

A Visible Difference

Excellent mattifying properties making Upsalite®a perfect base for cosmetic use.

Global Collaborations & Partnerships Expanding

At present we have established a joint venture company in Asia and are working with European industrial and academic partners.



”I am very impressed with the extremely mattifying effect of Upsalite® both as a makeup artist and as a person with oily skin myself. A product you can trust!”

- Helena Rönnblad, Makeup Artist, Creative Makeup, Uppsala Sweden