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We Develop Innovative Products and Solutions Based on Advanced Material Technologies with Potential to Disrupt Target Markets

Breakthrough Technology Sparks the Beginning of Disruptive Materials

Disruptive Materials is a dynamic company founded on a unique and patented technology for the production of a groundbreaking mesoporous magnesium carbonate

Material Platform

It all Started in the Lab

In December 2011 a group of researchers,Sara Frykstrand Ångström , Johan Gómez de la Torre, Prof. Albert Mihranyan (missing in picture) and Prof. Maria Strømme, at Uppsala University in Sweden succeeded in synthesizing a stable mesoporous composite material with an extraordinary high surface area, which they named Upsalite®

A ground breaking new material, Upsalite® is discovered
1st patent application is filed
Disruptive Materials is formed together with Mattias Karls to commercialize Upsalite (1 employee)
Voted one of the hottest new Tech companies by “33 listan”, a list of emerging technology companies in Sweden (5 employees)
1st large scale batch produced (7 employees)
New office & lab space (9 employees)
Elected best Nanotechnology company of the year in the Nordics by SwedNanoTech; 1st product on the market in cosmetics (18 employees)
2nd and 3rd product launched in sports; Winner of ISPO award for best new climbing accessory (20 employees and counting)

Upsalite®Material Technology Platform (MTP) Emerges

Upsalite, Disruptive Materials first materials technology platform, is a stable amorphous mesoporous magnesium carbonate material
• High surface area
• A narrow pore size distribution
•High sorption of water and oil

Material Platform

Upsalite®MTP Drives Innovation from Medicine to Cosmetics

Upsalite is an exceptionally versatile material technology platform that offers many applications within the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and sport fields, among others. This is achieved through Upsalite’s capacity to absorb both water and oil along with the fact that it can be loaded with a wide range of active ingredients

Material Platform

Disruptive Materials Partner Up and Create Joint Ventures to Bring Upsalite®to the World

At present we have established a joint venture company in Asia and are working with European and North American industrial and academic partners

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