Team & Expertise

Peter Åsberg

  • Director BU Pharma

Ingrid Ajaxon

  • Scientist

Cecilia Annerén

  • R&D Director

Jenny Andersson Collby

  • Director, Marketing & Branding

Pär Hjort

  • Marketing Manager BU Derma

Jonas Fagerberg

  • Senior Formulation Scientist BU Pharma

Snehal Hadawale

  • Reseach Engineer

Mattias Karls

  • CEO

Oskar Lund

  • CFO

Göran Säve

  • Director, Supply Chain

Tommi Remonen

  • Principal Scientist

Gabriella Josefsson

  • Key Account Manager BU Derma

Tuulikki Lindmark

  • Head Pharmaceutical Development BU Pharma

Sara Frykstrand Ångström

  • Scientist, IP Manager BU Pharma

Paiam Ataei

  • Sales Director

Cecilia Århammar

  • Scientist

Alexander Grahn

  • Reseach Engineer

Ottilia Arvén

  • Research Engineer

Erik Bamford

  • Research Engineer


Per Kågebjer

  • Chairman of the board

Maria Strömme

  • Prof. Nanotechnology

Sten Dahlborg

Mattias Karls

  • CEO

Advisory Board

Dr Karin Jorga

  • (pharma industry)

Prof. Christel Bergström

  • (drug delivery)

Olof Carlstoft

Michael Ingelög

  • Financing

Mateo Santurio

  • Strategy

What drives us

Value Through Innovation

At Disruptive Materials, our vision is simple: Value Through Innovation. Every day, we work towards our vision by investing in the research and development of new products and the improvement of existing products. We make these decisions in line with the needs of our customers.

Truly Disruptive Materials

Our mission is to deliver truly disruptive materials – materials that have the potential to change their target markets in a truly disruptive way. Combining our own world-class research and collaborations with world-leading partners we are working to provide innovative solutions that can address customer needs in various markets. We are driven by the ambition to contribute to an adequate supply of new materials.

Thinking Sustainably

Sustainability is integrated into everything we do. We believe that business development will be a sustainable strategy only when it succeeds in creating value for the customer, society, and the company. In practice, this means that we implement a triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.


"To become a world leading provider of advanced and functional materials on a global basis, famous for the flagship product Upsalite®"