Active Barriers

Active Barriers

Upsalite® is a desiccant material with unique water adsorption characteristics, suitable for use in encapsulation of flexible organic electronics, such as OLED’s. Upsalite® have the potential to solve the problem with degradation and shortened lifetime in organic electronics, by preventing moisture from reaching sensitive devices and in the long run enabling higher performance. The large surface area and the structure of the pores makes this material unique at adsorbing and absorbing moisture. We believe that Upsalite® could become the game-changing desiccant in the race for the new generation of OLED’s and other organic electronics.

Upsalite®’s value proposition:
• Unique properties at low RH with 30-50% water uptake
• Thermally stable up to 250°C
• Large surface area and large pore volume
• Customizable particle size
• Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
• Possible to integrate in films and getters

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