Dermatology & Cosmetics

Dermatology & Cosmetics

With its adsorptive properties, porous structure and bacteriostatic nature Upsalite® is ideal for use in cosmetic products. The pores in the material can be used for sebum uptake, for mattifying purposes or as carrier of sensitive or active substances. Upsalite® is made of GRAS-listed constituents; magnesium carbonate and magnesium oxide. Upsalite can be manufactured with different pore sizes and in a wide range of particle sizes.

Upsalite® has many suitable features for skin products. Value creation comes through

  • Extreme sebum adsorption (160 ml sebum/ml Upsalite®*)
  • Mattifying agent
  • Carrier of sensitive/active substances
  • Bacteriostatic

Upsalite® characteristics:

  • Colour: white
  • Form: powder
  • Constituents: magnesium carbonate and magnesium oxide
  • Particle size: 10-1000 µm
  • Pore volume: 0.5-1.5 cm3/g
  • Surface area: 250-800 m2/g


*Measured in accordance with standard NF T 30-022. Silica Aerosil R812 in the same test adsorbed 30 ml sebum/ml silica

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