Dermatology & Cosmetics

Dermatology & Cosmetics

Upsalite®* is a unique alkaline earth carbonate made of magnesium carbonate and magnesium oxide. Upsalite has a pore structure that can be tailored to your dermatological or cosmetic needs within hair, face and body. With its adsorptive properties, and porous structure, Upsalite is ideal for sebum uptake for a skin mattifying effect, for uptake of sweat or bad odor, or as carrier of sensitive or active substances for cosmetic and/or dermatological applications. Upsalite can be formulated as a loose powder, brush-in powder, powder spray, aerosol spray, paste, puff cake, cream, emulsion and more. It can also be mixed with pigments and fragrances and combined with other materials depending on application.

Features and benefits:

  • High sebum/oil adsorption capabilities (54 ml sebum/ 100 ml Upsalite**)
  • Absorber of excessive moisture and odor
  • Carrier of sensitive or active substances

Upsalite characteristics:

  • Color: white
  • Form: powder
  • Constituents: magnesium carbonate and magnesium oxide
  • Particle size (unmilled): 10-1000 µm (can be milled to specified size range)
  • Pore volume: 0.2-1.5 cm3/g
  • Surface area: 200-800 m2/g

Upsalite provides endless possibilities, the following are a few categories where Upsalite is or can be applied

Dry shampoo

Upsalite can replace starch, talcum or silica to improve oil uptake; or mixed with other materials to create different product properties.

Mattifying powder cosmetics

The adhesive properties of Upsalite helps lock down other makeup and can therefore be used as a setting spray or powder.

Foundations or oil based products

Upsalite absorbs lipids and Upsalite mixed with oil creates a non-greasy smooth paste that can be used to nourish and moisturize the skin. In addition, Upsalite boosts the mattifying effect of foundations (liquid and powder) and thus offer superior combinatory effect.

High-technological skin care products

As Upsalite is a mesoporous material it can be loaded with different sensitive or active substances for controlled delivery to the skin e.g. to nourish and protect skin against sun damage, natural aging or to reduce skin irritations.

Improving emulsion stability/altering skin feel/texture

In pickering emulsions, the emulsion is stabilized by solid particles. Since Upsalite absorbs both water and oil it can help generate both water/oil and oil/water emulsions.

Deodorant or Odor spray/powder

Upsalite not only absorbs moisture (sweat) but can also reduce odor by absorbing sebum, and neutralizing acids. Adding Upsalite may remove the need for the addition of aluminum salt.

Baby powder

The unique properties of Upsalite makes it possible to also use in combination with talcum or starch in baby powder to enhance the overall effect of the product.

Anti-caking agent

Due to its high moisture absorption capacity, Upsalite can be used as a powerful anti-caking agent.

* Upsalite® is sold under the trademark UpsaltTM in China, both are registered trademarks of the company Disruptive Materials AB.

**Compared to 38 ml sebum/ 100 ml silica


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